Frequently Asked Questions...

When does the class start? As soon as you register you will have access to the Free Preview content. Once you submit your tuition payment you will have immediate access to the entire course. 

This online class is structured as an on demand learning experience so that you can review the materials at your leisure.

How long will the course be available to purchase? The course is currently open for registration and students who enroll now will have lifetime access to the content.

Are there a limited number of openings available in this course? There is no limit to the number of enrollments for this class and you may join at anytime. 

Do I need to have experience with encaustic to take this e-course? You do not need to have any experience with encaustic painting in order to take this course. We recommend reviewing all of the course content before you begin your own encaustic journey.

What's included in the Learn To Burn E-Course? 
The course contains over 50 HD videos all professionally filmed in Alicia's studio along with 26 PDFs. A full course curriculum is located at the very bottom of the 
main course page. 

How much does the e-course cost? Tuition for the 
Learn To Burn online course is a one-time payment of $389 or 3 monthly payments of $145.

Can I give this course as a gift? Yes. Contact us here if you're interested in purchasing a gift certificate.

How long will I have access to the course? You will have lifetime access to the course materials, as long as our website servers remain up and running.

How do I register? You can register on the main course page by clicking the "Enroll Here", "Purchase Course", or "Sign Me Up" buttons.

What materials do I need for this course? Register for the Free Trial to view the Materials List and more. Before you gather your tools and materials, we recommend viewing the entire course. It's best to have a general overview before embarking on your encaustic journey.

Can I ask Alicia questions during the course? Yes, you may submit questions to Alicia directly. While not always able to respond in person, Alicia will regularly post answers to questions in the Private Facebook Group.

I have some experience with encaustic. Is this class too basic for me? You'll have full access to all of the materials once you purchase the course and can view only the chapters that interest you. Throughout this course Alicia shares her knowledge and unique insights that even experienced painters find helpful in building their own art practice. 

I'm only interested in a few specific techniques, do I need to purchase the entire course? This course provides an overview of encaustic as a whole, as well as special mark-making techniques. If you already have a strong skill-set in encaustic and only wish to learn Alicia's signature Shellac Burn effect, check out the Shellac Burn mini-course
Does this course include how to create the lace-like web patterns that I see in Alicia's Work? Yes... this patterning is created using Alicia's signature shellac burn technique that she pioneered over 20 years ago. Several in-depth sessions are dedicated to helping you perfect your own shellac effect, or check out the 
Shellac Burn mini-course.

Does this course include how to create in Alicia's botanical style? All of the methods taught in this course are what Alicia uses when creating her own signature floral works. However, this course does not specifically feature Alicia's botanical art. This course is focused on "HOW" to paint with encaustic and incorporate a shellac burn into your artwork. The subject matter is entirely of your choosing. 

Is there a refund policy? We've done our best to present the course contents to you in such a way that you know what to expect from the class before purchase. We provide a detailed course description, access to the table of contents and offer several Free Preview chapters. We've done all of this, so that you can make a very well informed choice when you purchase this course. 

Due to the digital nature of this e-course and the immediate access provided to all of the proprietary course content at time of purchase, we do not offer refunds. Our support team is standing by to help you get the most value from this e-course.

How do I know if this course is for me?
This course is for you if you wish to:

 ... Rapidly advance your skill set

 ... Create artworks that stand out

 ... Improve your control over this medium

 ... Get closer to your creative goals

 ... Achieve unique surface effects

 ... Enhance your current creative work

 ... Increase your artistic confidence

 ... Understand encaustic on a deeper level

 ... Learn to create a successful shellac burn

 ... Present your work with professional standards

 ... Feel confident using a torch with your work

 ... Get inspired to create with encaustic

 ... Curious about Alicia's painting techniques

 ... Connect with a global tribe of encaustic artists

Still have a question about the online course? 

We are here to help. If you have a question for us please send it along to: s[email protected] with E-Course Question in the subject line.