Step-By-Step Shellac Burn Tutorials

Learn how to create compelling shellac burns to enhance your encaustic art.

The Secrets of a Master

Master painter, Alicia Tormey, developed her Shellac Burn techniques over 25 years ago and now she shares all of her methods with you inside this comprehensive course.
Encaustic Painting being cleaned

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This course requires a strong basic working knowledge of encaustic painting and familiarity handling a blowtorch.

Course Instructor Alicia Tormey

Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized encaustic known for her unique approaches to working with this wax-based medium and for her development and mastery of the Shellac Burn technique. Her artwork has adorned the cover of Professional Artist Magazine, is featured on a snowboard design for GNU Snowboards, and is included in many public and private collections around the world. Alicia is a full-time artist and instructor who shares her passion and knowledge of encaustic through her Live Painting Workshops and Online Courses.

Course Curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Working With Shellac: Prerequisites

    3. Course Disclaimer

    4. General Use Disclaimer

    5. What To Expect

    6. About Shellac

    1. Materials, Tools & Equipment

    2. Studio Safety

    3. Proper Ventilation

    4. Ventilating Your Studio

    5. Torch Terminology

    6. Torch Safety

    1. 1A: Special Effects with Shellac

    2. 1B: Special Effects with Shellac continued...

    3. 2: Creating Burn Variations

    4. 3: Applying Your Shellac

    5. 4: Mastering Your Burn

    6. 5: Helpful Hints

    7. 6: Building Up Your Surface

    8. 7: Working With Multiple Colors

    9. 8: Creating Depth

    10. Shellac Burn Guide

    1. You Did It!

    2. BONUS: Shellac Q & A

    3. Encaustic Dos & Don'ts

    4. Temperature Reference Chart

    5. Glossary of Terms

    6. Links & Resources

About this course

  • $249.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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