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This course is great for beginners and experienced encaustic painters alike.

You will learn how to quickly overcome the common challenges most artists face when working with encaustic. 

🔥 You are also going to learn exactly how to create my signature Shellac Burn effects and incorporate them into your own artworks. 🔥 

Create artwork that you truly love instead of wasting time and materials trying to figure out encaustic techniques all on your own.

If you want to rapidly advance your technical skills and start making the work you desire then this course is perfect for you. 

The Learn To Burn online course includes...

  • Over 50 HD videos filmed on location in Alicia's studio.
  • Printable and downloadable course resource PDFs.
  • Access to the private Learn to Burn alumni Facebook group.
  • Lifetime access to your course content.

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Learn To Burn
 was created for artists like you who want to:

Rapidly advance your skill set.

Create artwork that stands out.

Learn how to create a shellac burn.

Improve your control over the medium. 

Elevate your artwork and attract collectors.

Achieve unique surface effects.

Advance your art making techniques.

Enhance your current creative work. 

Increase your artistic confidence.

After taking the 
Learn To Burn course, many alumni students have reported:

... growth in sales of original artwork

... entry into juried events

... receiving art competition awards 

... securing gallery representation

... offers to exhibit art

... more commission requests

I am delighted to share with you my knowledge and experience from over 20 years as a working encaustic artist and over 30 years as a full-time creative professional.

This self-paced course contains all of the techniques that I teach in my 
Live Workshops and you can replay the lessons as many times as you like.

Techniques featured in this e-course:

Encaustic Hotpots with Shellac burn sampleShellac Burn Effects: 
You'll learn how to properly work with shellac to create beautiful web-like patterns in your encaustic paintings. The shellac burn technique is one of the most extensive segments of this online course and we go deep into this topic to cover all the nuances of incorporating shellac into your artworks. 

Torching encausticMastering Your Torch: 

Overcome your inhibitions of working with a blowtorch and take your work to the next level. We cover safety and proper handling so you can burn with confidence, and I'll show you how to maximize the performance of your torch.

Priming an encaustic panelHow to Create a Smooth Surface: 

I show you every step required to create a creamy smooth surface so you can move on to techniques that work best when your painting is free of bumps and texture.

Making encaustic paintMaking Encaustic Paint: 

In this course I share with you my perfect recipe to prepare your own batch of encaustic medium made from scratch and how to turn that medium into colored encaustic paint.

Encaustic image transferFlawless Image Transfer: 
This non-toxic photocopy transfer segment is full of useful tips to help you achieve flawless image transfers allowing you to incorporate design and photographic elements into your work.

Making encaustic paint with oilsAdditional Chapters Include:

  • Studio Set Up
  • Choosing a Color Palette
  • Working with Color
  • Mark-making Techniques
  • Safety
  • Troubleshooting
  • and more...

Shellac Burn is the most sought-after technique that I use in my own work, so I created a special, in-depth module on how to incorporate shellac into your encaustic art.

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While there is no substitute for live, in-person instruction, this course was created to be the next best thing.

So, if you can't make it to my Seattle studio , we can work together virtually as I guide you through my methods and techniques.  

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You get the same in-depth information shared in the Live Studio Workshops with no need to travel.

Most students regard the course tuition as an educational investment in their own art practice that is quickly regained in the form of saved time, fewer wasted materials, and the potential for increased art sales.

Encaustic Burn

Results may vary... but many of my alumni students have gone on to exhibit and sell their own work after taking this course. 

Even the most experienced encaustic painters say this course has been a "game changer" in the way they approach encaustic painting, so for seasoned artists this course offers insights and fresh inspiration to elevate your work.

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I would love to meet you in person...but I understand that it 's just not possible for everyone to attend my Live events so I packed all the encaustic training that I share in my in-person Workshops into this online course just for you.

For more about Alicia's Live Learn To Burn Encaustic Workshops click here! 

Meet Your Instructor...

Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized artist, teacher, and creative guide.

She is best known for her pioneering painting techniques with encaustic.

As an instructor, she has helped thousands of artists gain confidence, master their materials, and develop professional art careers of their own.

Spanning her 30+ year career as a full-time artist, Alicia has worked with top retailers such as Target, Costco and Nordstrom. She has designed products for national brands and licensed her artwork to appear on goods from dishware to snowboards.

Alicia’s work has been featured in numerous publications including the cover of Professional Artist, Encaustic Arts Magazine, Studio Visit and the Boston Globe.

Alicia is a full-time artist and art instructor and  currently paints and teaches full-time from her Seattle based encaustic studio. Join her growing community of creatives.

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Here's what awaits you inside the course: 

  1. 3
  2. 5
    • Priming & Fusing 01-Panel Preparation

    • Priming & Fusing 02 - Priming with a Torch

    • Priming & Fusing 03- Helpful Hints

    • Priming & Fusing 04- Fusing Your Wax

    • Priming & Fusing 05- Building Your Foundation

    • Priming & Fusing 06- Creating a Smooth Surface

    • Priming for a Smooth Surface

  3. 6
    • Working with Color 01- Creating a Base Composition

    • Working with Color 02- Cold Brush Intro

    • Working with Color 03- Cold Brush Demo

    • Opaque & Translucent Color

  4. 7
    • Shellac Burn 1A- Special Effects with Shellac

    • Shellac Burn 1B- Special Effects with Shellac continued...

    • Shellac Burn 02- Creating Burn Variations

    • Shellac Burn 03- Applying Your Shellac

    • Shellac Burn 04- Mastering Your Burn

    • Shellac Burn 05- Helpful Hints With More Shellac

    • Shellac Burn 06- Building Up Your Surface

    • Shellac Burn 07- Working With Multiple Colors

    • Shellac Burn 08- Adding Burns To Create Depth

    • Shellac Burn Guide

    • BONUS: Shellac Q & A

  5. 8
    • Image Transfer - Photocopy Transfer

    • Image Transfer Steps

  6. 9
    • Mark Making 01- Scars and Oil Fills

    • Mark Making 02 - Carbon Transfer

    • Mark Making 03 - Inlaid Line

    • Mark Making 04- Pearl Drops

    • Mark Making 05- Using Stencils

    • Mark Making Highlights

  7. 10
    • 09 Make Your Own Medium

    • Encaustic Medium Recipe

  8. 11
    • Making Color 01: Introduction To Making Color

    • Making Color 02- Oil Paint

    • Making Color 03- Dry Pigment

    • Making Color 04- Ready-Made Wax

    • Making Color 05- Reviewing Color Sources

    • Making Color 06- Opacity & Transparency

    • Making Colored Paint

    • Making Color 07- Opacity in Practice

  9. 12
    • Troubleshooting 01 - Overcoming Common Challenges

    • Trouble Shooting 02- Pockmarks

    • Troubleshooting 03 - Percolation

    • Trouble Shooting 04- Brush Hairs

    • Troubleshooting 05 - Wrap Up

    • Troubleshooting

  10. 13
    • Finishing Touches 01- Cleaning Your Edges

    • Finishing touches 02- Polishing The Surface

    • Finishing touches 03- Hardware

    • Finishing touches 04- Easy Clean Up

    • Finishing Touches

  11. 14
    • Thank You!

    • Thank you note!

  12. 15
    • Glossary of Terms

    • Encaustic Dos & Don'ts

    • Temperature Chart

    • Links & Resources

Meet Your Instructor

Course Instructor

Alicia Tormey

Alicia Tormey is an internationally recognized encaustic artist...best known for her unique approaches to working with this wax-based medium and for her development and mastery of the Shellac Burn technique. Her artwork has adorned the cover of Professional Artist Magazine, is featured on a snowboard design for GNU Snowboards, and is included in many public and private collections around the world. Alicia is a full-time artist and instructor who shares her passion and knowledge of encaustic through her Live Painting Workshops and Online Courses.